At times, a condition can be extra perplexing and require further examination. Many people have conditions that continually stump even medical professionals, for those, we offer the time and focus that doctors do not. Our health research service continuously researches the latest clinical trials from PubMed, validating supplementation for your specific health concerns, to bring you the best recommendations possible. You will save countless hours of searching, vetting, and cataloging your research. We also recommend that you to share our report with your medical doctor or other healthcare providers so they can integrate the findings into your health regime.

We really do take pride in our health research services. Our deep investigations are extensive and takes many hours and cross referencing to complete. For this, we charge $425 per case. We know how important it is to quickly get information for any health issue, let alone one that is potentially serious. That’s why we make sure to email you the results within five business days.

Contact us today to start this service and begin down the road to better health!

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin