Eat Less, Live Longer

We choose a preventative and relationship-driven approach to Holistic anti-aging therapy, with an emphasis on nutrition, lifestyle and environmental factors. This is to help you find the root cause of your chronic health conditions (both big and small) and reduce the risk of serious disease.

When you begin your journey with Web Health Consulting, you will be taught how to incorporate this life-extending technique into your daily lifestyle.

We know from medicine that the leaner you are, the longer you will generally live. But fear not, calorie restriction, is not the same as malnutrition. Our life extending anti-aging therapy is based on  the premise of balancing your internal systems and feeding the body exactly what it needs and no more. Many foods in a typical western diet provides only empty calories, sugar, or saturated fat and none of the micronutrients necessary to process the good calories we do intake. These foods must be eliminated if you want to extend your lifespan. Nutrient-dense foods such as organic carrots, apples, nuts, and seeds provide essential nutrients and calories that help extend your life.

While the likely maximum lifespan of a human being is in the region of 110 to 120 years, you may be surprised to know that even this maximum number can be extended. By following our step by step “deep cellular rejuvenation” system, a client can combat many of the ‘inevitable’ old age diseases of our time can live a longer and more robust life.

“What a person eats and drinks becomes his own body chemistry.” – John Curran, HHP