Working with a Certified Health Coach, especially one who is focused on rejuvenation techniques in holistic nutrition, may be one of the most life-changing and life-enhancing decisions you will ever make. Part of our job is to educate our clients on how they can transform their health, and ultimately their life, by properly fueling the complex machine that is their body.

Definition of Rejuvenation


The action or process of making someone or something look or feel better, younger, or more vital.

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Is your “Deep Cellular Rejuvenation” program hard to do?

We hate to sound vague, but that depends on you. Your food preferences, eating patterns, lifestyle, stress levels, – and to some degree, the amount of support you will have from friends and family – all play a part in how easy or difficult this will be for you. But, by far the most critical factor is your determination.

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What if I am not willing to give up (fill in your comfort food of choice)?

John is a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner/Certified Health Coach, so by definition, He will try to get you away from all the toxic crap you’re eating every day. However, the goal here is not to make you so miserable with the food we introduce that you run for the hills clutching a giant bag of chocolate chip cookies, vowing never again to let the word “holistic” fall from your lips!

For most people, we can work gradually to adjust your diet, but the more eliminations and changes you’re willing to adopt right away, the faster you will start to notice a difference. This is particularly true for chronic health conditions.

We’ll teach you how to balance your systems and get yourself healthy. Ultimately, it’s up to you to make the choices and do the work while working with our Health Coach.

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How long will I need to stay on the dietary program?

Our goal is to help you improve your health to the point where you cannot conceive ever going back to your old way of eating. After all, it is your old way of eating that is a major contributing factor to the current state of your health. To answer this question more directly, the length of time varies considerably based on the individual and their current health status.

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When did John Curran, HHP start his holistic consulting practice?

He began my practice in 1995. My specialty was catastrophic illnesses.

His consulting practice consisted of some of the most horrific illnesses. Through his extensive experience utilizing supplementation and dietary protocols, He knows what works and what does not. That equates to saving you a lot of time and money in the long run.

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Is John Curran, HHP a medical doctor?


BUT, he holds a Bachelors Degree in Natural Medicine along with numerous certificates from top universities in this country and abroad, which are viewable by clicking here.

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Can John Curran, HHP diagnose me and treat my disease?

As a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, my occupation is NOT to diagnose or treat the client’s diseases. My goal is to teach you how to properly take supplementation and help you to identify dietary protocols that fit your lifestyle to rebalance your body and help it heal itself.

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Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Try us out for 30 days, and if you are not extraordinarily 100% satisfied with our consulting services, we will gladly give you a refund. There are no refunds on any opened containers of supplements.

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Does your company offer pharmaceutical grade supplements?

At some point in your life, you have bought a lesser quality item to save money. You may have cut corners and sacrificed quality and ended up disappointed in the results. You had believed that you could spend less money for those lesser quality goods and received something similar to the higher quality goods. Do you practice this same habit to save money when it comes to your health with supplements? If so, stop sacrificing your health. You deserve the best quality supplements!

Stop wasting your money on inferior products that provide no real results! Do you know exactly what you are buying? We are pleased to provide our customers only the highest quality products to confront the maze of supplements on the market today. Most of these select lines cannot be carried unless a qualified Healthcare Practitioner is on staff to implement correct usage and dosage to ensure the most significant outcomes. We specialize in creating natural support strategies for chronic pain, anti-aging, weight loss, low energy, and digestive challenges.

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All Nutritional Supplements Are Not Created Equally

Quality is what matters! Pharmaceutical grade Nutraceuticals excel in potency, purity, and absorption. While eliminating artificial ingredients, allergens, and toxins.

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How quickly can I expect to see results?

You will almost always start seeing positive changes within the first week of the initial consultation (such as improved energy, better sleep, improved digestion, enhanced mood and clearer mind), however the time needed for complete restoration of balance and health is highly dependent on the unique constitution of the individual, such as how chronic your symptoms are and the level of compliance to the suggestions and your determination.

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“Man sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.” – Dalai Lama