Often times, we get asked about our holistic healthcare concept and what a holistic health coach does for a client. The benefits are many, and the answer is a bit in the title. Like anything in life, it’s a bit simple and a bit complex. So, what makes up a “holistic health coach”? Let’s break it down.


Holistic: “holistic” hōˈlistik/



  • comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.


  • the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.”

  1. People are complicated. Even with all of our technology and research, there are still enormous questions to be answered in modern medicine about the human body. Often times this means that modern knowledge overlooks ancient wisdom. The most ancient of which is our connection to the natural world. Cultures around the world once subsisted and lived to old age through their reliance on the pharmacy of nature. The plants that make up the world’s forests, rainforests, grasslands, deserts, and tundras. This is obvious in how the pharmaceuticals still go to the amazon to learn traditional health knowledge for the drugs they produce and addict people too.


  1. Each patient is different in near every way. When a patient comes to us the first thing we do is explore the issue with the coach. This is often an issue of unrest in your body; a constant fatigue, digestive issues, persistent acne, and many others ailments. After reaching a baseline, a holistic health coach will help you put together a diet and suggest potential herbal supplements to get your ailment taken care of.

Health: helTH/


  • A state of being free from illness or injury.

  1. Illness comes in many forms and can be difficult to root out. Often times a patient doesn’t know what is wrong. A holistic health coach is trained to root out the imbalances to issues that exist behind the scenes and are often missed by western medicine. These imbalances may be nutritional in nature or be coming from an overtaxed or out of balance system. They will see to these issues along with the entirety of your health, so often times a solution leaves you feeling better than before there was a problem.

  2. A holistic health coach is involved and interested in your health first and foremost. They aren’t there to judge or do anything but help. They are people passionate about helping their patients find answers to questions of personal health and doing so in a natural way that is in harmony with your bodies systems




  • An instructor or trainer.


  • To train or instruct.


  1. They are guides. This is likely one of the most important parts to realize about this. Like an athletic coach they are there to guide. Just like in the rest of life, you always have to make a choice. It’s up to you whether you do the hard work or not. You have to stick to the diet, you have to remember to come through for yourself.

6. They help you stay accountable to yourself. People are meant for to live in groups and, often times, that means that we are our best self with others. A holistic health coach is a fantastic resource for support, guidance, and accountability. They can help you find the underlying roots of an issue, and get you past the frustration and self doubt that everyone has when changing their health for the better.    

7. They act as a life compass and can give further direction. With much of any program started with a holistic health coach, they are there to provide guidance and accountability and to eventually set you down the path of far greater health. Some say that the most important day of their life was when they went to a holistic health coach for health. We say it’s the day that you start to fly on your own.

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