Metabolic disorders are conditions that affect a person’s metabolism. They have their roots in either a person’s genetics, disease, lifestyle, or a combination of a few of these. For many people, this means that life is pretty miserable as diet after diet fails to lose them any weight or in some cases, gain them any weight. Medications can help, but they oftentimes come with  unwanted secondary side effects. At Web Health Consulting, we understand that this is a difficult issue. If you are looking for an expert nutritional health coach to help with your metabolic disorder, then look no further than us. Contact us for a free consultation  

Genetically Caused Metabolic Disorders

The worst metabolic disorders are often genetic in origin. In all cases this means that key parts of the metabolic process is disrupted, and in most genetic metabolic conditions, a person is missing an enzyme or cannot form a vitamin for important biological reactions in the body. When this occurs, there is often not a direct way to cure it, as this would require the cells in your body to carry different genes. However, treatments do exist, with varying levels of effectiveness.

Lifestyle Caused Metabolic Disorders

The other cause for many metabolic issues, is  poor diet and lifestyle choices. Disorders such as diabetes, hyperglycemia, hypercholesterolemia, and dyslipidemia,  just to name a few, all stem from inadequate or overabundant nutrition that impairs the regular metabolic process of the body until it breaks down. Many of these can also lay the groundwork for further disorders such as osteoporosis.  

Disease Caused Metabolic Disorders

One of the tougher causes to look out for, many types of viruses can also cause metabolic disorders. Metabolic disorders such as liver disease can be caused by not just abusing the liver, but also by contracting the Hepatitis C virus. These can be combated in many ways by modern medicine, which offers powerful anti-viral medications, and can effectively monitor and combat the infection.


For all of these disorders, treatments vary widely. Treating each metabolic disorder involves dealing with all the different metabolic reactions that are unique for all the different stages of metabolism for that organ or cell type. This covers a significant percentage of the entire field of medicine, with many people even having degrees in just one cell type or organ’s metabolic interactions. Metabolic diseases involve all the processes in the body that deal with protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and more.

Until gene therapy becomes more widespread and effective, there is little to nothing we can do about fixing our genes if we have one of these disorders. But, medicine has been relatively successful in combating a number of these issues with a variety of treatments targeting the affected systems.

Disease caused by metabolic disorders can also be combated with traditional medicine. But afterwards, many of the metabolic issues remain because the damage has already been done. In some cases, symptoms can be treated to the point that a normal life is possible.

Much like genetic and disease caused metabolic disorders, doctors can certainly help with aspects of lifestyle disorders. Some people try fad diets or any number of medications. But again, symptoms and other issues, such as side effects and other complications, often persist.

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